Introducing the Yakner Utensil Tree™- your ultimate outdoor grilling companion, designed for grill-side organization and safety. Crafted to securely hold tongs, spatulas, forks, brushes, and more, and all your essential cooking tools, this versatile utensil tree ensures access to everything you need for a successful outdoor cooking experience. Whether you're gathered around an open fire pit, using a campfire tripod, or grilling on your favorite grill top table, this ingenious tree sets up in seconds and provides a stable and clutter-free cooking station. Elevate your outdoor grilling adventures with the Utensil Tree, making your cooking sessions effortless and safe.

"For outdoor cooking lovers and camping enthusiasts"

The Utensil Tree is designed and Made in the USA.

The unique "Patented" design allows for quick setup providing the convenient solution for hanging all your grilling accesories such as, spatulas, tongs and brushes, keeping them within easy reach.

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For backyard barbecues and camping trips.

The Utensil Tree™ is a clever and convenient tool for keeping all your essential BBQ accessories well-organized during ,picnics, barbeques and outdoor camping. From spatulas and tongs, pie pans, brushes and more.

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Headed to the campsite?

Don't leave your Utensil Tree™ behind. With the durable storage pouch, you can take the grill side conveniance of the utensil tree to your outdoor firepit. Just stick it in the ground and use it to hold grill grates, thongs, spatulas, pie irons, pans and much more.

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A work horse around your grill or campfire

So versatile, if you forget it you will turn around and go back and get it!

• The one-piece trunk eliminates wobbly joints making it strong and stable.

• The large main hook can hold up to 10 pounds.

3 adjustable branches for other items which can be hung on the end hook or along its length.

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Worried about storage space?

• The "Utensil Tree™" is designed for easy packing and storage.

• Slim compact patent-pending design stores almost anywhere.

• When placed in the free premium storage bag it will keep your car or camper clean.

The Utensil Tree™ is made of solid steel and zinc plated. The zinc plating is superior to soft paint and powder-coated finishes that are easily scraped or burned off. The zinc plating will provide a durable corrosion resistant finish that will last a lifetime.

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Avoid the danger of hot or sharp tools laying around by the grill.

Outdoor grilling can be one of the most dangerous areas around house or outdoor grilling area which can lead to cut and burn accidents, causing thousands of trips to the ER every year.

With the Utensil Tree™ you are able to:

Hang hot or sharp items.

Reduce the risks of cuts and burns.

• More safety means more summer fun.

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Save time setting up. Have more time for summer fun.

The Utensil Trees™ unique design allows it to go from storage bag to set-up in as little as 30 seconds. NO TOOLS NEEDED!

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In Ground Setup Video

  • Multiple Features

  • Heavy Duty

  • Waterproof Material

  • Nobody likes a dirty marshmallow stick.

  • A complete setup for camp cooking.

  • Don't take a chance on an accident like this.

Utensil Tree™ is a BBQ grilling "MUST HAVE".

• The Utensil Tree™ has become a must have for outdoor grilling and around the campfire.

• It provides a convenient solution for keeping cooking tools handy and clean.

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Creating Outdoor Cookout's and Camping Memories

• Everybody loves cooking over a campfire, especially kids.

• Give them a way to help keep your cooking area organized.

• This is the place to hang their roasting sticks and pie irons when they're done.

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The Utensil Tree is made of solid steel and zinc plated. The zinc plating is superior to soft paint and powder-coated finishes that are easily scraped or burned off. The zinc plating will provide a durable corrosion resistant finish.


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